Fear is the only thing that will deter people from stupidity. Hit your children more often. -HypoG



Beer Mug  DHL

Beer Mug > DHL








I’m drooling so friggin much I’m afraid to open it!

3 Responses to “*DROOL*”

  1. Zuliebaby says:

    These half-assed so called entries are becoming annoying. Some of us have commended your knowledge and proper usage of big words in the presence of acquaintances with high IQs. You’re making us look bad. Update.

  2. Kristof says:

    For fuck’s sake install it and play far cry 2.

    Let’s hope it doesn’t die this time.

  3. I’m hoping it doesn’t die too. But to be fair, the previous card served me well for over 3 years, and these days, 3 years is more than enough time for a gc to retire.

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