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Some Awesome Russian Title, Screwed Up Thanks to Import


Alright, I do believe an update is in order, and apparently on many things.

First, lets begin with the Get HYPOG a PS3 + Monitor fund. Despite everyone doubting my will, I’m happy to report the funds are coming along rather fairly well. I’ve lived up to saving 1,000 rubbles a week. As I received cash for the PSU that I sold, I was able to get an additional 1,000 rubbles out there. I’m not entirely sure how much I’ve saved up, but my ‘?????????’ would hopefully keep us informed.

Now onto other things, I have successfully evaded my Psychiatry cycle like an MF event (not that I’m invited to those events). You’d imagine I would have been feeling guilty, but I consider the downtime a welcome one. Not only was I able to regenerate myself from constant inertness I was able to work on the MDL website. The MDL is a prospect I am very excited about. I’m really passionate about it, however some people consider it a waste of time. I think it’s interesting how 2 normal kids from RSMU are able to host/plan/execute a league that is constantly growing, that involves players from all over Europe. Granted, we’re only sized at 4 teams, but, does everything not start from a humble beginning? Pay it a visit here.

In essence I’ve been maintaining 4 blogs (RSMU, MDL, THIS ONE, ANUISAFAG), so a writers block is expected pretty soon. I really do enjoy writing on posts that are themed ‘HypoG’, because frankly, my life is full of such tee-tee-dee moments. I look forward to continuing that, with at least a post a week, but really, lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Recently, something interesting happened, well not really interesting, but it involves Anu. Anu was bragging about how she is doing this circuit training thing to get buff (Anu is actually a pretty fit woman, however she feels she is too fat and people call her Chubby Chub-kins. This however is not true and Anu is merely competing with her sister who is actually a carbon-copy of Anu, slightly skinnier without boobs). So anyways Chubby Chub-kins was going on and on about doing this exercise that she doubts I would be able to do. She was then bragging about how she does about 20 in a minute.

As everyone knows I’m starved for cash and I’d do anything within the realm of possibility. So I put up a wager with the three people in the room, 1,000 rubbles a piece to do 10 of it (10 because Anu said I can’t do half of what she does). Shorty, with his Golden Tongue somehow set it to 500 rubbles a piece, with 30, under a minute. Needless to say, with PS3 as a motivation, I believe I completed 30 under 30-40 seconds. Naturally, Anu was complaining about why she keeps owing me money (Grand total at 35,000 rubbles at the moment). Loser.

This post is getting far too verbose for my standards, so It’s time to end it. Razer has released a new product that looks amazing check it out!

Finally, since shorty says a picture paints a thousand words, let me leave you with this picture…


Woah!? Hirsutism?

Surely, you’re wondering who or what that is, heres a better view…


Oh it's just our resident parthenophobic hyperphilia, Shorty




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  2. Kyesuke.ru says:

    Chubby Chubkins ftw. MDL is awesome.
    Gotta give you a nickname too, something like lardbucket.
    And yes, the 1st word that comes to mind when i see those pics, cunt.

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