What I Do When I Don’t Get On MTV

When I was 15 and MTV still had shows worth watching, it was a dream of mine to a) marry a member of Blink-182, and b) be on MTV as a guest on Top 10 Favourite Videos. Between the two, I was always under the impression that the latter was more attainable. Never mind that I’ve wanted to be a doctor since the age of 6 and the only chance I’d probably ever get to be on MTV would be to make some lame-ass PSA about condoms and dental dams.

Regardless of this fact, I made my list and many revisions since its birth. Although I’ve got it in my head now that even the odds of me trying to make contraceptives sound like a barrel of fun on TV is slim to none, the list is alive and well. Call it a reminder of my youth, full of hopes and dreams of making out in Tom DeLonge’s tour bus.

During my daily hour (or two) of procrastination, I found myself on You Tube watching old music videos and was reminded of my list. Naturally, I had to share it here, because I believe that like the Gospel, good music videos should be shared. And I’ve convinced myself that you people are interested in my taste in stuff.

10. All The Small Things- Blink-182

There’s no way I’d make a list without including my all-time favourite band. This video parodies mainstream pop videos that were dominating pretty much every single channel on TV. Tom dressed as a Britney Spears always always ALWAYS does it for me.

9. Cherry Lips – Garbage

I love Garbage’s music. I think Shirley Manson is hot, especially in this video. Bonus: she takes her dress off.

8. New Friend Request – Gym Class Heroes

This video is cute because it’s all about MySpace, which is almost extinct, sort of like Friendster ( do people still have accounts there?).

7. Island In The Sun – Weezer

Anyone who has known me for more than a day will know that I love animals. I will pretty much touch anything that isn’t poisonous. So when Weezer (which has the adorkable Rivers Cuomo) made a video of themselves playing with all sorts of cute baby animals, I couldn’t help but fall in love.

6. Inside Of You – Hoobastank

This video is awesome because a bunch of hot chicks are very excitedly watching Hoobastank perform at one of those dodgy looking peep-show places. And Doug Robb looks very do-able here.

5. It’s Not Your Fault – New Found Glory

What I like about this video is the way it doesn’t show the process of two people hooking up, like many other videos. In fact, the ease between the two characters may lead one to believe that they’re a happy couple.

4. Pain – Jimmy Eat World

The guy in this video does all sorts of things just to feel something in the absence of the girl. There’s a certain madness about it all that appeals to me.

3. Warning – Green Day

When you’re 15 and trying to be rebellious and there’s a music video of a dude doing everything he’s not supposed to, a small part of you turns him into a hero. At least, that’s what happened with me.
(Embedding is disabled, so here’s the link instead.)
Warning – Green Day

2. Walkie Talkie Man – Steriogram

I love this video so much that I watched it and was so fascinated by it that I completely didn’t notice the name of the band or the song. I actually had to Google the term ‘yarn in music video’ just to find it. It’s cute and creative, a combo that works for me almost all the time.

1. Special Needs – Placebo

This video is a haunting sort of hot. I can watch it a million times and it doesn’t get any less arousing. It may seem like a creepy idea, and people may never want to sleep with me after watching this video, but it’s my all-time favourite and it will take a lot for me to change my mind about this.

There you have it, my half-fulfilled dream of telling people what I like watching. And to think, I didn’t even have to dress up to present this list.

Screamers, Singers and CDs

Perhaps this is not expressed in my posts, because I bitch and talk about boys a lot, but I am a HUGE fan of music. It’s not that I forgot this little fact, but of late it feels like there’s not much music worth talking about. I mean, most of it are rehashes of old songs.

The urge to blog about music came about when I was going through my CD collection (yes, I still have one of those). I was reminded of a time when 80% of my monthly allowance went to buying CDs and most of my time was spent eyeballing MTV and Channel [V]. While I have tonnes of albums, which have now been chucked in a storage box near my mom’s bathroom (thanks to my nomad status), a few artistes are capable of giving me goosebumps, even after years of not listening to them. In no particular order…well, maybe in a little bit of an order:

1. Blink-182.

The First Poster I Ever Bothered Putting Up on My Wall

I owe a lot to these guys. Thanks to them, I got out of my ridiculous post-adolescent-chin-dragging-on-the-ground phase. Seriously, how could one not lighten up after hearing a guy warble, ‘we started making out, she took off my pants, but then I turned on the TV’? To top it all off, Travis Barker’s drumming took pop-punk to a whole new level. I’m no genius, but even I knew he’s a fucking ace with his drums. They’re the reason I told everyone that I wanted to work in San Diego, and go for the Vans Warped Tour. Their music video was the reason I told my friend to get off the phone when she was calling me from Johor via a payphone. In around 2004, they decided to go on a little hiatus. Was I disappointed? A little. But then, I preferred that they went away with dignity, rather than forcing themselves to come out what would ultimately be insincere crap. In 2009, Blink-182 announced at the Grammys that they were reuniting. Guess who was squealing like a little girl in front of the TV?

2. Jason Lo.

Kuching's Rockin' Mat Salleh Celup

Bloody fucker. That’s what I thought when I was listening to his last album, ‘The Fall’. He’s been so under the radar that I Googled him, expecting to find a friggin’ obituary. This guy was my hope for the Malaysian music scene. I was banking on him to be recognized internationally, I kid you not. Three albums, and I love all of them. From what I’ve read, he’s been working with the suits and ties these days. It’s a damned shame, really. Can’t blame him though, he’s got a family to feed. I will always reserve my biggest SIGH for him.

3. Jimmy Eat World.

Proving 'Emo' is NOT Synonymous with Eyeliner

I got my uncle to buy me their breakthrough album ‘Bleed American’ (which was  renamed to a self-titled album after the Sept. 11th attacks) from the UK because there was no sight of it in KL. I even patiently waited for him to return home with it. I only stopped short of rummaging through his luggage to get my grubby 16-year old paws on it. I was not disappointed. There’s something about their songs that strike a chord (pun not intended) in my heart. Must be their choice of words, abstract enough to relate to, but specific enough to articulate a feeling. Unfortunately, after coming to Moscow, I’ve not really kept up with their progress as artists, so I’m a bit out of it with them.

4. Linkin Park.

The Band That Screamed on My Behalf

My Additional Math muses. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a complete sloth when it comes to Math, but listening to Chester Bennington screaming his lungs out made doing my homework less painful. More importantly, what I liked about them was their clean lyrics. I recall an interview with Rolling Stone circa 2001 where they claimed that the reason there was no profanity in their songs was because they wanted to express feelings with more than just ‘fuck’. Their concert in Kuala Lumpur in 2003 was the first concert I had been to, and it was on the night before my A-Levels Chemistry paper. My God, it was so worth it. Fast forward to 2007, and their album is littered with bleeps. My first reaction was, ironically enough, to exclaim, “WHAT THE FUCK??!” I was thoroughly disappointed. The band had mellowed down plenty musically, but I reckoned that was because of Bennington recovering after removing some nasty stuff off his vocal chords. Screaming can do that. This year, Linkin Park is releasing a new album, and from what I’ve been hearing, it sounds promising. I heard screaming sans bleeps, for one thing. I’m taking it as a good sign.

Seeing that my interest has been resurrected, I’m guessing this won’t be the last post about music. Yay!