Chakhobili, Kimbap and Chicken Tikka

Normally I try not to write during exam season, but I seem to be breaking all my usual superstitions. For instance, I have yet to wear my lucky Oktoberfest hoodie, my nails are painted pink and I just trimmed my hair. Horrors! I MUST be trying to flunk this semester.

Truth be told, I’m supposed to start preparing for my next paper, called General Health and Healthcare (as translated by Google). Every time I look at the notes for this thing, I perceive them as God’s way of punishing me for fucking up my A-Levels..twice. The joke on the Russian students’ forums is that this paper is purely luck. You could write a lot and get a satisfactory mark, or you could pay for the paper..and still get a satisfactory mark.

While not everything has been peachy this year (I know, I KNOW. It’s only been two weeks), I see a lot of good things for the future. The Year of the Rabbit is coming about, which is a pretty good year for me. The last one was in 1999, which I believe was the year I pulled the cactus out my ass and decided to not drag my chin on the ground.

2011 is going to bring me Seungri’s solo mini album, for one thing. I’ve watched the teaser for the music video, and I’m swooning. Sure, he has that look that says, “you know you love, how could you not?” but his 39-second clip already has me dreaming about him.

Then there’s Jay Sean. I’ve been following him on Twitter and the dude is mad. Those who have Twitter, follow him. You will be regaled with informative and memorable panda “facts”. Plus he does really cute things like get easily amused and tweet about it. Oh wait, the idea was to express my excitement over his upcoming album. See? This kind of thing is called derailment in Psychology. Don’t take my word for it, though.

Well, what do you know? Only Seungri and Jay Sean are my highlights for this year. Goes to show what sort of priorities I have.

Happier post after February 3rd. I may blog before that, but be warned, they’re probably going to be bitchfits.

Noteworthy in 2009


This is definitely the best thing to happen to me in 2009. I will always thank Tina Theajan and Perez Hilton for showing me what I still consider to be a damn sexy music video. Seungri has served as the best eye candy, fantasy subject and desktop wallpaper for the past 12 months.

Big Bang

Naturally, with Seungri comes Big Bang. This is the first K-pop boyband I’ve ever liked, and quite possibly the first pop group I’m not embarrassed to talk about. Friends from school may recall a Gil and The Moffatts phase. Apparently, I’m so unashamed of these 20-somethings dancing around in sequined suits and hot pink pants, that I deemed it appropriate to order their concert DVD and bring it with me to Moscow. Even Blink-182’s Urethra Chronicles is sitting in a suitcase somewhere with all my other CDs. That’s gotta mean something, man.

Good Eye Gone Bad

“It’s a virus. DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING.” Comforting words to hear from a doctor when you’ve got fluids oozing out and it feels like you’ve got menstrual cramps in your eye. Although lovingly known by me and my uncle as “Amma’s sore eye”, it’s probably known better as kerato-conjunctivitis. Trust it to hit my good eye, rendering me partially blind during its course. Thanks to this sweet infection, I missed 3 weeks of class, and had to catch up on numerous tests and classes, and most importantly, campus gossip. On the bright side, I managed to get better acquainted with Big Bang and many other shows that are easily downloaded (i.e porn).

Camwhoring on Orchard Street

Can you believe that a 3-day trip to Singapore that consisted of a lot of walking to various shopping malls and living in a budget hotel took 18 months to materialize?? I’d like to blame our busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, but that’s only a small part of it. The real obstacle was a canine diva with more tantrums than Mariah Carey. Lots of camwhoring,  lots of Korean(?) street snacks and truckloads of laughter.Totally worth the wait!

At The Snake Farm? Place? Exhibition Center??

Oh my gosh, this trip to Langkawi deserves its own post. This trip was proof that no outing with friends is complete without a 12-hour train ride, a rented car which has a clutch that chooses to work at its own discretion and feeble attempts to not get ripped off (RM300 for an Indian lunch in duty-free Langkawi? Really?).

This post was not supposed to be this half-assed, but the pictures should make up for it, I suppose.

Happy New Year, everybody!!

It’s Winter, Why Am I Not Snuggled Up In Bed?

Operative Surgery and Topographical Anatomy. Two weeks. In Russian.  Doesn’t it make perfect sense that I’m blogging?

Me and Anat don’t have a good history. From the first class (which I had missed) right up to the exam, we’ve had bad blood. And that was in English. You can imagine how much fun I’m having with this demonic baby.

I know that so far, all I’ve done is bitch about my studies. I don’t really hate all of it, just some. Besides, all the cool people whine about studying *snicker*.

2010 arrives in a couple of days. I’m always excited about the new year. It gives me another “do-over”. Awesome days for these do-overs are Easter, my birthday and New Year’s Day. Oh, how could I forget months that start on a Monday? Those are pretty rad, too. Why the constant need to hit the “reset” button? Because my ability to stick to stuff is only slightly better than the working memory of a goldfish.

Initially, my post for this week was supposed to be momentous events that took place in 2009, but my mind and fingers decided to run amok and spew this nonsense. Just as fun as the other post would have been, but does nothing to defend my mental state.

A few thoughts have been running through my mind, and I wish someone would either explain them to me, or empathize with me. Anything that’s easier will do.

  1. When a chick sleeps with a guy just because she wants to and doesn’t expect stuff, she’s cheap. Wouldn’t it be worse if she expected dinner, a movie and other material objects in exchange for sex? I could be wrong, but the latter scenario sounds like prostitution’s more high maintenance, sophisticated cousin.
  2. Some guys are boob-sessed, and some are ass-essed. I understand that the ones who check out asses are just part of the whole evolution-baboon-mating-call explanation. So, does that make the boob-sessed guys more evolved or are they men with mommy issues? (Freud’s gonna love me!)

Now with that out of the way, I probably should get back to the real reason I’m not in bed (other than the fact that neither Seungri nor Gerard Butler are here to join me).