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AnuIsAFag Celebration in Moscow

Thursday, December 24th, 2009



They say a picture paints a thousand words…so, in conjunction with the official Anu is a Fag day (23rd of December of every year), I leave you with several pictures of folks in the Russian Federation celebrating this prestigious event.


Not everyone shares the joy and enthusiasm brought by and inspired by AnuIsAFag day. Some choose not to join in the celebrations.

A blunderous mishap.

Sunday, December 20th, 2009


As always, whilst I’m in what some may call pseudo-eternal slumber, from the darkness of the night (room light turned off) emerges the shadowy figure of one grotesque trickster after cracking the bullet proof lock of the fortress that is my room.

Perhaps, death would be an easier alternative compared to what this trickster has up her sleeves. She would come, turn on my computer, direct the browser to one of her many ridiculous food blogs, bookmark as many things as she’d like, and leave. That in itself is not as bad as what happens next. She leaves the pages that she visits wide open, each time without failure, the browser pointing at pictures of the end product.


Awakening from my (reasonably long) sleep, the first thing my eyes see are the pictures of these mouth watering desserts. Nonetheless, one day I awoke while she was checking these things out, and I caught a glimpse of a cheesecake, and since it said ovenless, I demanded she make it for me, considering how hungry I am. (Please note, whenever I say, Anu made me something, it is almost always on the contrary, where I do everything anyways and she ends up getting the credit for it).


Before we progress, it would be better to show you a picture of the supposed end product based on the website that provided the recipe.


This is how the end product of my   endeavour is supposed to look like. I’m convinced with all my years of eating cakes, that this is definitely how it will turn out! Minus the cherry and the sauce, of course, since Anu is the boss and says no cherry.


© My baking addiction.


First off, I know the photos all look terrible, because Anu was commissioned to take the photos and well, we all know she’s not exactly Jeff Ooi when it comes to photography.


A picture of all the ingredients. Naturally, due to the incompetency of the photographer, I’ll have to enumerate them;

1) Stuff

2) Cheese

3) Chocolate


Pretty simple all things considered. So the first step was to crush the crackers, to make the cookie base. As you can see one cracker in the bowl, that was my initial attempt at cracking it. Honestly, it was rather annoying, and took far too much time. Tina had a stroke of genius and loaned me her crusher-ma-jigger.


Once the cookie base was made, Anu said the base had to set. I thought that was a stupid idea, and time consuming. Nonetheless, she took point and started demanding I do as she says or get out. Her way or the highway. Naturally, I wasn’t going to have any of that and left. I went right to bed.


2nd 009



Once again in my eternal slumber that is often time a minute short of being an eternity. At this point Anu creeps up to me while I am unaware of the lurking danger that is soon to reveal itself.




Anu brings the finished product of the cheesecake so that I may try it and rate it and pass my judgment. Needless to say, I wasn’t too impressed, and I’ve tasted better.


By the way, let me take this opportunity and introduce you to my new car;


2nd 015

Should you need a hint, then you’re not worthy of knowing!


At the end of this post I had a bit of time to kill, so I decided to mess around with flash and make a decent countdown timer to a very important date (Not exams, you fool).