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Post Assessment Trauma


I pussied out. I didn’t ask on Friday. It wasn’t my fault. Partially. The Consultant in charge wasn’t around. So this is going to be a fun weekend.

I’ve decided to put it behind me and tackle this situation in a manly fashion befitting Indians. I’ve decided to party like a rockstar regardless of the outcome.

So, after finishing my night shift today, on my way back home, I went to an alcohol merchant and purchased the following;




Prior to going to the shop, I knew what I wanted to buy, because, I have previously purchased the same item. It wasn’t a difficult choice to make.

Whilst drinking it, several thoughts did cross through my mind. Anxiety, Sadness, Depression but every time I took a sip it quickly turned into excitement, enthusiasm and euphoria.

One thing however remained constant was how my assessors pretty much trolled me by having a stone cold face with no emotions or indications of how you’re doing. This forces your brain to think you’re answering incorrectly and feel like this;


Going through the questions they asked, one thing really bugged me, and that was when they asked me to enumerate causes of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. My first thought was;

Philosoraptor - Causes of Idiopathic IC Hypertension? ugh, i don't know, it's idiopathic!

I answered Cryptococcal Meningitis and how we treat with Amphotericin B and Flucanazole! He agreed and asked for more examples. That was the end of me. Surely enough, there actually are some causes for it, and now I’m wiser for it Smile with tongue out.

Anyways, all this is in the past, I’m gonna go get drunk tonight! Cheers bitches.

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  1. tinz says:

    how was the outcome in the end?

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