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The art of trollin’

It was a night shift like any other. I was manning the second male medical ward, which in it’s usual fashion houses around 60-70 patients. The night was kind on us, only 11 admissions, despite me being the Jonah that I am. In fact, a few times, I was told to leave the ward and dispatch lab forms and take long walks before coming back so that there aren’t any admissions!


So anyways, around midnight, my specialist said that they are transferring a case in from Serdang. This got me all curious, as we are the ones who usually refer cases to Serdang, because HTAR does not have a CCU with facilities to perform PCI. I was wondering what in the world could Serdang be referring to us that they can’t seem to manage.


Around 2-3 a.m. they arrive, and Lo’ and behold, the HO accompanying the patient is actually from RSMU. So the case was interesting enough, Convict arrested this morning, ?substance abuse, p/w drowsiness, GCS of 7/15, with some facial abrasions. He was apparently arrested earlier this morning by the Narcotics team and was found drowsy several hours later. Doesn’t know who his assailants were, difficult to elicit history, patient drowsy, hx from accompanying police officers.


So before taking over the case, I had a chat with the HO, to get a bit of introduction so I can manage the case after taking over. She didn’t know the case at all, and said she was just told to bring the case and dump it in HTAR. Guess she didn’t feel like learning the case during the roughly an hour trip to HTAR.

All IX normal, CT brain normal, Urine Drug Test shows Morphine and Methamphetamines. So I ask, was Naloxone given? She says, you manage a lot of morphine abuse arr? I said, no this is the first, why? Oh cause you ask if Naloxone given, like you manage many before. <Face Palm>. Anyways Naloxone given; patient  responds well. So I ask her, Oi, already manage send for what leh? Ohh, Ward already full liao, already 28 patients. Too many patients, we cannot handle. I tried my best to hold back my troll face, what?! You’re at capacity with 28 patients?

She goes on to say, why your ward looks like shit ni? Extension beds here and there? Why so many patients here, so messy leh. <*I CRIED*>


Not sure what exactly happened here. Not entirely sure what I’m supposed to say. However, one thing is for sure, Thank God For HTAR, and the massive amount of cases for the exposure.

Other interesting cases of the night, SJS 2* to Phenytoin, Extensive Anterior MI Killip II, Anterolateral MI, Killip IV, Inferior MI, Killip I, COMPLETE REVERSAL OF ST-ELEVATION POST STREP. The Indian man who got the inferior MI has the best prognosis, and I’m glad that this man has a new chance at life.


P.S. Kids, DON’T COME TO HTAR, go to any other computerized hospital and enjoy. Smile

P.P.S. KIV steal Sy.Morphine C/M and get high.

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