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Twitter Bandwagon

I’ve decided to join the 90210 of the Intar-web and join the bandwagon known as twitter. This post shall prove if the twitter integration for the blog has been successful.

A long time ago I posted a wishlist somewhere in this blog. Back then I was using a free host to upload my images. That host has undergone a severe database crash and has lost all my pictures. This was troubling. Nonetheless it has allowed me to compile a new list altogether.

To ensure that this wishlist is not lost in the chasm that is my archive over time, I have taken the liberty to add it to the left sidebar. Enjoy!

3 Responses to “Twitter Bandwagon”

  1. bahiyahnor says:

    u twit?.. –> i am not sure if that’s the right expression. cause i don’t ‘twit’. haha..

    anyway, i had to say this – i love the site!! i heard bout it from vk. just didn’t have the chance to check it out~ it’s awesome!!

  2. Kyesuke.ru says:

    Ok, now I gotta find time between gaming, referats and studying to work on my site.

    Hi Bah, long time no see.

    Someone went from Alienware wetdreams to 30psi boosting Skylines. Talk about evolution…

  3. HypoGXII says:

    Thanks Bah, long time no talk, how you doing these days?

    Kyesuke: I weep for Alienware 🙁

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