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Another Valentines Day Blunder


I previously wrote about how my Valentines Day eve was obliterated by the presence of Crazy Psychotic Bitch {CPB henceforth}. A few of you know who she is and a few of you have asked who she is. There is no reason to reveal who she is considering it’s already sad and pathetic that she has to live with herself for the rest of her life. With that, I hope to close this chapter with CPB and hopefully with little to no more mention of her and her antiques in my blog, and hopefully, my life.


So, the next day, Valentines day arrived. As Tina has previously mentioned, Valentines day has not particularly ever been kind to me. So it has always been up to me to make the best of it (read: my left hand and a tub of Vaseline), but I figured, this year, I’d like to make a change.


So I sat there thinking, How can I show myself how much I love myself today? I sat there thinking long and hard. Finally I came to a decision.

27-2 003 I got myself a Subway Sandwich.


One might/could argue that it sounds pretty sad, but the fact that I got my ass up out of bed, and fought the brutal snow and temperatures below –14 degree Celsius shows what a great accomplishment this was for me.


Then, satiated, I decided to finally unwrap my latest addition to my Razer collection!

27-2 004 

Don’t you think the Polka Dots design on the plastic bag goes well with Valentines Day?


27-2 006

There she sits, the Razer Mamba in all her glory! A little introduction may be necessary. This is a wireless mouse by Razer that claims to have the best response time in the world of wireless gaming (which is pretty much slim). Ultrapolling (1ms response time between usb pulses) and other tech-ish jargon to make you ejaculate.


I took tonnes of photos in unwrapping and installing it, but since I was understandably as giddy as a catholic school girl during Sunday mass, most of the pictures turned out blurry. Here’s a collection of a couple which were salvaged:


I’ve been using the Mamba for a while now, and she’s amazing. I won’t go as far as saying I’ve noticed a greater response from the mouse (considering my previous mouse was  a Razer Copperhead and lets just say it has maxed its responsiveness) but I can tell you the wireless freedom is amazing. I can move the mouse while lying in bed! How epic is that?


The downside, of course, is having to charge the mouse. It’s easy enough to charge, just place it on the dock throne when you’re done. But remembering to put it on the dock has happened quite a bit. Fret not though, you could easily attach the cable back if the battery ever dies so you can play without much of a hitch. Furthermore, the warning lights flash like crazy just before the mouse dies so it’s not like you don’t have sufficient warning. There is an array of lights on the side which indicates your battery level so you aren’t caught off-guard.


Several days after I started using the mouse, I got a Razer email about a new promotion. Apparently they made a new l33t pack and they were giving it out with free shipping for any purchases above 100 USD. I was rather furious because I purchased my mouse much recently. I was rather upset about the matter so I contacted their sales support department. As I was using the live chat interface, I was speaking to some chick called Sara S. She told me she’ll have a talk with her supervisor and then she came with good news. Razer will ship me the l33t pack for free 🙂

razershipCustomer Service and Satisfaction at its best?


As I am currently splurging on myself as much as I can these recent days, I’ve decided to add another goody to my shopping list.


nexusClick to Enlarge!

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