‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly (TMI Tuesday)

Some of you may know about this thing called TMI Tuesday. If you don’t, go Google it or something.

Ugh, fine.

It’s a bunch of questions with a theme that comes out every Tuesday and it’s kinda fun to do if you’re in the mood for some “It’s all about me” blogging. I am in that sort of mood today, so here’s my TMI Tuesday.

This time of year there are so many holidays and celebrations that overlap, which is why it is called Holiday Season.

1. What will you be celebrating? If it isn’t a commonly known holiday or celebration (i.e., Christmas, winter solstice, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa) briefly tell us about it.

Christmas, although there’s no public holiday for it, what with Russians celebrating Christmas on the 7th of January and all.

2. What’s your favorite Christmas or holiday tune?

All I Want For Christmas Is You- Mariah Carey. I know, I know. It’s old, it’s cheesy but so is Christmas.

3. If you are giving or receiving gifts this holiday season:
– What’s the gift you most want?
– What do you think is the best gift you are giving?

I don’t know what I want the most. I want to be cheeky and say, “get laid” but I suppose Thomas Combezou in nothing but a Santa hat and a grin will do.

The best gift I’m giving? I really don’t know. I just try to make my gifts to people as personalised as possible and hope for the best.

4. If you could spend this December holiday season anywhere, where would that be?

At home, with my mom, my family, my dog and all the drama.

5. Your family has announced that the holiday celebration & get-together will be at your home. You think to yourself:

a. Yes! Finally…the more the merrier.
b. I don’t have enough room for all of you, but let’s rent a hall and you all get hotel rooms.
c. Over my dead body, I don’t want you freaks in my house.
d. Hmm…I wonder if it’s too late to book a flight to anywhere, leaving on Christmas eve?

We all do meet up for the holidays but everyone lives in the same city, so accommodation is not an issue. Gotta love small countries and small families. And I like my family, so I do look forward to Christmas gatherings.

6. Have you ever given a fruit cake as a Christmas gift or a gift at all? Do you even like fruit cake?

I’m not really big on giving food as a Christmas gift, and something as typical as fruit cake is a big no-no for me. And yeah…I don’t even like fruit cake.

Bonus:  Share with us one of your holiday traditions.

In Malaysia: Christmas morning mass, breakfast at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Christmas lunch with the family and zone out on a full stomach.

In Moscow: Gift exchange on Christmas eve, Christmas morning mass, breakfast at Starbucks, Dinner with the friends. Ooooh! Pot roast!

Electricity, Exams and Eyewear

I’ll be honest. I don’t fancy blogging in December. I’ve mentioned it before; it’s my least favourite month of the year and the only thing I like about it is Christmas. Which is kinda funny because the suckiest parts of December usually popped up around Christmas eve when I was a kid.

But enough about that. Here’s some random thoughts. You know, because I don’t feel like reading about upper gastrointestinal tract bleeding.

1. I’m partially homeless at the moment. The wiring in my asbestos-laced hostel is 30 years old and after a couple of electrical fires and students with 3rd degree burns (I’m not even kidding about this one), the university has decided to rewire the entire building, one floor at a time. My floor is being done now, so I’m living in an empty room with two other roommates, Anu and Tina. We’re trying to see this as a 10-day long slumber party, but it’s hard when there’s no cute, girly pillow fights and we’re all trying to study without a table.

2.My super important state exams are in approximately 6 weeks. When I say ‘important’, I mean my entire medical degree depends on this exam. I have more than 2000 MCQs and roughly 300 cases to go through. Thankfully, language is not much of an issue anymore. I can read chapters with minimal Google Translate usage. But still…

Over. Two. THOUSAND. Questions.

*passes out from shock*

Five minutes later

Right, I’m back.

3. It’s time for new glasses. I kinda threw my old pair away. No, not because I’m a diva and my pair was out of fashion or something. My glasses were 8 years old and they were the pair I hated the least. Here’s the thing. My table is cluttered, to say the least. It stems from my pathological inability to keep things back in their place. I think they fell into my waste basket and I threw the trash out without noticing them in there. Come on, who checks their trash before throwing it, right?

I guess it’s less embarrassing than the time I accidentally flushed them down the loo, but that’s a story for another day when I feel like procrastinating.

November Rain

The birthday post is long overdue. In fact, the plan was to write it before November ended. The plan was also to attend all classes and lectures so I wouldn’t have to write 6000 reports and presentations. An unplanned acute overdose of various forms of chilies kicked those plans to the curb while declaring them his bitches.

From the time I was in primary school, I’d been waiting for 11.11.11. You see, my birthday is on the 11th of November, so tiny little me thought it would be the bee’s knees to celebrate my birthday on a date so obviously cool.

Naturally, over time the excitement was less and eventually I didn’t think much of it at all. Until we got to 2011. To be more specific, it wasn’t a big deal until Harikrishnan, the havoc-wreaking mastermind in our circle of friends said, “11.11.11. Hmm..we should make it memorable.”

There’s something you should know about Harikrishnan. He studied at the Royal Military College before entering med school. Boys who study there see things. Things that can never be unseen. And he was planning to make my birthday memorable. I knew it would be a “Dear Diary” sort of memorable; it was going to be a “it was touch and go for a while, but the doctors managed to stabilise her” kind of memorable.

A month prior to my birthday, I got wind of rotten eggs, orange juice (I’m terribly allergic to oranges) and the idea of people throwing 11 things at me. While I personally don’t see the appeal of pelting people with things, especially food, the same cannot be said of my friends.

For one month, I was left to stew in my apprehension. I was duly “rewarded” on my birthday. This was the master plan: 11 things for every 11 in the date. It doesn’t sound like much, but I hear there was practically a committee that sat down and had a meeting to plan this auspicious event. A list was made, for fuck’s sake.

I was not told when what would happen where, just that I should wear clothes that I intend never to wear again. My execution clothes, I called them.

On the 11th, I waited and waited. Then I waited some more. At 11.11 pm, my friends barged into my room, singing “Happy Birthday”, cake in hand. In my mind, the cake was interpreted at my last meal. Man, I was feasting with my firing squad.

After the cake, it was time for my three 11s. I don’t know how much thought was put into the order in which everything was carried out, but I must admit, it was perfect.

First, I was given 11 shots of drinks, not all of it alcoholic and not all of it pleasant. Then, I had 11 different things poured on me in the bathtub. This was smart because if I chundered, it would be easy to clean up and I could have my shower after all the mess was made. The final 11 were gifts from my persecutors. You know, to make me curse them less.

I could tell you how it went, but why do that when I can show you everything?

1. First 11: Shots

2. Second 11: Crap

3. Third 11: Gifts

The 3rd Set of 11

And there you have it. The best date of my life so far and that’s how it went down. Ain’t I one lucky gal?