Jump Off The Misery Cruise!

It’s been a while, innit? In a bid to write proper, quality stuff, I’ve essentially proven to the masses that I’m not very good at it. So, it’s back to me typing random stuff that pops into mind.

1. I’m officially 27 and unemployed. I’m also pretty sure that since I’ve come home, I’ve not mentioned that I didn’t drop out of med school and have been avoiding talking about it. I simply graduated and never got around to writing the epic blog post that I had been wanting to write since I got into med school in 2005.

See how I managed to squeeze in the bit that I’m now Dr.Sasha Zuleika? That’s mad skillz for ya.

Back to the unemployment thing. I won’t be for long, if the Ministry of Health and the postal service don’t bail on me. I think my Christmas gift will be a 15-hour work day (if I’m lucky.)

2. I have not been doing anything remotely related to my chosen career, other than tell my uncle that he wasn’t dying from a cold. What I have been doing with most of my time is watch a colossal number of YouTube videos. Not just ANY YouTube videos, but videos of comedians. It’s been absolutely brilliant! Thanks to a @ShaneMcGonigle1 on Twitter, I now know the existence of amazing people like Dara O’Briain and Dylan Moran. I’m nice, so I’ll show what I mean by “amazing” with these two video clips.

Dara O’Briain

Dylan Moran

3. My latest addiction is a TV show called Mock The Week. Imagine a smarter version of “Whose Line Is It Anyway” and add British accents. Now go grab a cup of tea and a plate of crumpets. You back? Cool. Watch this video, which I think best shows the atmosphere of this program. It’s an old clip, but whatever, right?

4. Stemming from my love for the Mock The Week is my new love for Russell Howard. He’s young, cute (that ALWAYS helps) and is a very upbeat sort of funny. And my absolute favourite thing about him is he always looks like he’s high on sugar, which I find so refreshing. Here’s my new pick-me-up:

Isn’t it awful how I can’t rely on my own humour to entertain you, so I embed a whole bunch of videos by other people? You know what’s worse? I’m expecting a thank you.