Irregularly Irregular

I could write a whole post on my futile attempts to buy Corteo tickets, but that will probably just make me super bummed. It’s bad enough the damned adverts are plastered in almost every Metro station I go to.

Instead, I shall humour myself (and possibly you) with my soliloquy.

1. The 25th birthday was pretty awesome. There was cake, gifts, ice cream, booze and karaoke. All in that order.

2. For ONCE, I have a really cute, sweet, young, male teacher for a two-week cycle. Have I mentioned that I LOVE November?

3. Snow’s not here yet, and the weather has been pretty decent. I wouldn’t mind the current situation dragging its feet for a while. At least, my pedometer is being put to good use again.

4. There’s a lot to say, but sometimes I don’t know what to say to whom, so it’s probably safer to say nothing to no one.

5. I still need something to excite me. The need is apparently so great that I’ve had dreams of  roller-coasters and Flying Fox. I’m sure being scared out of my mind will do the trick, though.

That’s all, folks!