May I Have February Back, Please?

Today is probably not the best day to blog, seeing that not much has turned out the way I wanted it to. I’d like to dismiss it as April being a crappy month, but compared to what December usually has to offer, I’m doing great.

Therapy is over. To be perfectly honest, although I bitch about it a lot, I have a lot of fun during that cycle. It has a top-of-a-rollercoaster sort of feel to it. There’s always that tiny corner in yourself that knows that you could get screwed.

Currently, OZIZ is going on. So far, it’s been Add.Math statistics and one lecture about the Russian population. Thankfully, classes are on campus, which is a 15 minute walk so I don’t mind the cycle feeling pointless. Unfortunately,the lecture was not relate-able and my lecture notes ended up being this:

As for the statistics, I’ve never been disciplined when there’s any form of math involved, so most of my work looks like a cat barfed up numbers on to a page. My teacher did mention something about a test to get the cycle credit, which translates to, “Must decipher cat barf”. Hoorah.

It’s kinda sad that nothing much is happening besides classes, groceries and laundry. It’s even sadder still that I have no groceries and my laundry is taking up 80% of the space under my bed. The saddest of all: I think it’s perfectly fine to blog about it.

Logic dictates that I delete this post and forget that I ever typed it. But I tend to believe that stuff I write is pure gold, so logic can go suck it.

That last sentence may or may not be a joke. Such is how lousy today has been.

Fake Bitchfits; Funnier Than Fake Orgasms

For those who have not seen a fake orgasm, go watch “When Harry Met Sally”. It’s classic.

What’s a fake bitchfit? A person (namely, me) ranting about little things that don’t matter and isn’t really that cheesed off.

My list:

  1. Therapy cycle has begun. It’s not really that bad, it just means that I have to eliminate sleep, laundry, and a couple of daily meals to pass the class.
  2. The Making-Out Couple that’s also having Therapy now. I’m guessing I’d be less annoyed if the dude of the couple was a dim wart, instead of the teacher’s pet that he is. Ugh. It’s unfair that he has time to study AND get laid.
  3. The shorts that I bought for bedtime. They’re a little more….snug that I’d hoped they would be. On the bright side, if there’s anyone I’d like to murder, I’ll just have to stand in front of them in my “Daisy Dukes”.
  4. Student body elections. Dodgy and boring.
  5. The absence of my parcel. The primary reason I bought shorts that can masquerade as underwear.

I stand corrected. If this is a fake bitchfit, Meg Ryan was way funnier.