Liston, Willis and McBurney

Operative Surgery: DONE.

Let’s move on.

I want to say more about the madness prior to the exam, like hyperventilating in -17 degrees Celsius, having a diet of hummus with Marie biscuits and hot sugar with coffee, and trying to predict how well the exam would go based on how my guinea pig, Pedro was behaving in the morning. But that would probably make me sound….well, crazy.

I had no intention to blog today, but the nice boys in 14-05 decided that whiskey was in order and were generous when it came to sharing. Go figure.

Not much has been happening, other than the studying and spazzing out parts of the day. I’ve been trying to come up with legit reasons and topics to blog about, mostly revolving around me. You know, because I’m shameless like that. 🙂

Like last year, I’ve not come up with any resolutions, seeing that it seems to work better for me. I know I’ve mentioned the whole “reset” button thing, but that’s more of a ” I will do my laundry everyday” and ” I will not buy lunch out” sort of thing. I take resolutions as something from the ” I will not procrastinate with my assignments and land up pulling the mother of all unnecessary all-nighters” level.

I am, however, coming up with a list. This list should be my next post, if things go well and no ADD moments like this one pop up.

Uh-oh. Whiskey’s wearing off.