Every Lousy Horror Movie Has A Sequel


The good Lord has been kind, and has proved once again that He reads my blog.

Not only have I been transferred to a relatively calm town in Peninsular Malaysia, I’ve been placed in the Radiology Department. It may not be histopathology, which is my pet passion, but it’s certainly a branch of medicine I like very much: Diagnostics.

All in all, 2016 was pretty damn decent to me. A good job with normal hours, excellent colleagues and a nice house. All those things I bitched and moaned about in my last post? It’s like a 180 degree spin with rainbows and sunshine thrown into the mix.

I get sufficient sleep, I can dress up pretty for work and I enjoy my work thoroughly. I wouldn’t say I hated housemanship, but there were days when I thought to myself, “Ah…fuck. Work.” Such days are etched into my memory, and it’s good because I appreciate every moment of where I am in my life currently.

My hair, you ask? Let’s just say we can’t have it all, yeah?

These are far too many words used to say that I’m back to regular blogging.


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