Take Your Pick

I’ve done something like this before on my old blog. Seems to me that it’s time for a Round #2.

1. I am neither your maid, your chef nor your errand girl.

2. Stop sabotaging your own chances. It makes you look pathetic and it irritates me.

3. Stop calling out other people’s mistakes without fixing yours. At least TRY not to be a hypocrite.

4. It’s normal to feel bad for yourself once in a while. Do it all the time, and you’re mocking a whole lot of destitute people without food, shelter and/or loved ones.

5. Is there anything you don’t complain about? It’s either too far, too long, too hard or a waste of time. Get over yourself.

6. You don’t get to decide the motive behind every person’s actions. And you certainly don’t get to decide whether the actions are right or not.

7. For every class or lecture you miss, you are wasting someone’s hard-earned money. Yes, even if you’re on scholarship.

8. You’re not good just because you don’t behave sexually suggestive, and that girl with the short skirt and stiletto boots isn’t necessarily bad for having Jell-O shots with five other guys.

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